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I started this preloved clothes store for a few reasons...

Because my mom was a thrifter before it was ever cool and she used to buy preloved baby clothes for me & my siblings.

thrifty clothes store

Because I personally believe that companies should do more for the planet and I wanted to build a business that was part of that change.

Pollution coming from a factory

Because babies grow out of their clothes oh so quickly and, the more I learned about fast fashion, the more I wanted to make a positive impact. Did you know that...

Clothing factory

The environmental impact of fast fashion

Did you know that...

Fixed-Wing Glider

Fast fashion emits more CO2 emissions than international flights and maritime shipping combined

(The Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

I know what it's like to feel guilty about not doing enough to take care of the environment and let apathy kinda kick in... which is why I think it's important to find ways where being eco-conscious actually fits into our lives.

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